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Dear Ursula,

Many thanks for the feedback. The book is well received.

Too bad, would have liked to have had a personal dedication to you in the book.


In the meantime, we have read the book already. Because we have the Ritual to tell each night a bedtime story or to read.

It really is written great and the pictures are beautiful.

The first reaction of our 5-year-old daughter Angelina...mum, Marilena is also different. Do you think the other kids laugh because she can't do everything?

I knew she had understood the basic ideas in the book.


Our 6 year old has trisomy 21, and it is not always easy, against the prejudice to enforce.

For the Other, it is often difficult for people to accept that he is, and that being different does not mean that you can't do anything.

Sometimes it would be so easy. The people would only begin to think differently. Because, basically, it doesn't matter how one comes at the end.

It also plays no role whether it is the First. The main thing is that I reached the goal. No matter how :)


The book will accompany us always. To be reminded that a lot is possible. Much, in his very particular way.

Thank you and all love and Good!




Note from me: This letter has touched me deeply. Thank you for that. Many letters like this one received me, and it encourages me to write more. I'm very happy about the fact that the children's book Tom and the Wolf, performed his Task. There are 4 more books already finished and I hope to soon be able to the Next.