Pictures, Colors and Symbole have Power...all is Energy

All my pictures are only painted in a good frame of mind, the philosophy behind it, to render them energized positive, because formed by love and joy.

I make this claim also to the use of my materials, therefore they are handmade by suppliers who share my philosophy.

To may this power of colors and symbols you reveal through my paintings.

May beauty to them to come home and they enrich.

I would like my pictures help you to share your Fantasy, help you to dream again.

My images are a key to ensuring that you can visualize your desires and can manifest it in the reality.

Because everything must be created second times.

At first in the head and then in reality. Joy is the feeling that is used as a transmitter.

About a picture to look forward to, I would like to give you that as a tool in your hand.

Meet it with joy and wonder of your own fantasy world, and don´t forget to visit the shop.