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*i visited a painter school HTL Leesdorf, Malerschule in Baden bei Wien,

focusing handicraft techniques in painting and with access to the Art Academy  1985-1986 und 1990-1992

*i complited the vocational training 1992 with a title of master craftsman

*i opened the company and ART STUDIO "Madella-Mella" in Austria 2001

*i visited a Encaustic-Academy in Stuttgart 2008

*i opened the company and ART STUDIO "Madella-Mella GmbH" in Switzerland 2011

*Shop  2016

*Management 2017 Europe and UAE: Karl W. Weissenbaeck UNIQUE/INTERNATIONAL WORKING GROUPE

*I opened the ART STUDIO in Puerto Morelos in Mexico 2017

*I opened the ART STUDIO in MLJET in Croatia 2017